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Art/Copy: Luke Bogner
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"Pitch Tank" started from my desire to bridge the gap between the account and creative students and create a more dynamic and collaborative model for the conception of our work. 
Spurred on by my relationships with both  the account and creative students, we created an event for account students to present briefs and for creatives to bid on said briefs, in a modified Shark Tank model. 
The event led to over ten new projects and fresh teams being formed and successful follow-up seasons of the event. 
Though all I can personally show for Pitch Tank is a lock-up, it was amazing to see a simple idea lead to an event that  impacted a program that has done so much for me. 

Journal Entry: October 2018 

Creativity goes un-celebrated, and under developed by American educational values. This system dismisses frustrated creative minds that have been mistreated and mislabeled as damaged.

At the realization of your creative potential you will come to see that the limits you have encountered in your past were not your limits but those of the institution you were prescribed to. 

The world tries to diagnose the brain that works differently, however the difference in your mind, your p.o.v, is the very thing that will set you a part. And in your ability to see things differently lies the potential to enact change, to make things different you need to 'think different'.  So  as Ye would say embrace your crazy, it is your super power.

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