The Brief: Engage millennials with Ocean Spray products through celebrating collaboration
Role: Copy / Producer / Presenter
Result: Top 5 Nationally in the 2018 NSAC Competition
Congratulations to  Afa Ahloo for being selected for Season 17 of Project Runway!
Ocean Spray is rooted in collaboration, from their products to their business model. 
Millennials value this collaboration, so we created content celebrating collaboration beyond
Ocean Spray products to authentically connect with our demographic. 
Branded Content: Samoa x Fashion  by Afa Ahloo
My Roles: Copy / Direct
Art Director: Sumner Mahaffey
DP/Direction: Bentley Rawle 

Ocean Spray x Farmers Markets
(case video)
Spotify Radio

Copy: Mikey Nielsen / Luke Bogner Edit: Luke Bogner

Spotify, In Theatre Pepsi "Spire" Drink Machines, End-Aisle Displays